Deed of Emphyteusis and Redemption of Ground Rent (Konċessjoni Enfitewtika u Fidi ta’ Ċens)

Deed of Emphyteusis and Redemption of Ground Rent (Konċessjoni Enfitewtika u Fidi ta’ Ċens)

The Deed of Emphyteusis and the Redemption of Ground Rent, known in Maltese law as 'Konċessjoni Enfitewtika u Fidi ta' Ċens', are intricate aspects of property law in Malta. We provide expert legal services in handling these unique property agreements, ensuring they are executed with precision and in full compliance with Maltese law.

Emphyteusis is a traditional form of property lease in Malta, where the tenant, or emphyteuta, is granted the right to use and enjoy an immovable property for a specified period, known as a temporary emphyteusis, which can be decades or even centuries, or a perpetual emphyteusis, in return for a yearly rent or ground rent. This arrangement creates specific rights and obligations for both the property owner and the tenant, and our role is to ensure these are clearly defined and legally upheld.

Our services in drafting the Deed of Emphyteusis involve a detailed analysis of the terms of the leasehold, including the duration, the rights of both parties, and the conditions under which the emphyteusis can be terminated or transferred. We ensure that the agreement is fair and transparent, protecting the interests of all parties involved.

In addition to establishing emphyteusis agreements, we also specialize in the redemption of ground rent. This process allows the tenant to become the outright owner of the property by paying a sum of money to the landlord, effectively extinguishing the ground rent. The redemption of ground rent is a significant legal and financial decision, and we provide comprehensive advice and assistance in navigating this process.

Our expertise in Maltese property law ensures that the redemption is conducted smoothly and in the best interests of our clients.

We handle all aspects of the redemption, including calculating the redemption price, drafting the redemption agreement, and ensuring the proper legal procedures are followed for the transfer of full ownership rights.

At Sceberras Trigona Notaries & Associates, we understand the complexity and historical significance of emphyteusis and ground rent in Malta. Our commitment is to provide our clients with the highest level of legal expertise and service in these matters. Whether you are entering into an emphyteusis agreement or seeking to redeem ground rent, our team ensures that your transaction is handled with professionalism, accuracy, and a deep understanding of Maltese real estate law.