Donation (Donazzjoni)

Donation (Donazzjoni)

Donation, or 'Donazzjoni' in Maltese law, is a generous act of giving, whether it be money, movable assets, or immovable property. We specialize in facilitating and legally formalizing these acts of generosity, ensuring they are conducted in compliance with Maltese legal standards.

Donating assets, especially immovable property, involves more than just the transfer of ownership. It requires a thorough understanding of legal implications, tax considerations, and compliance with specific regulations.

For donations of immovable property, we handle all aspects of the legal transfer, from drafting the donation agreement to overseeing the signing and registration of the deed. Our notarial services also extend to advising on the tax implications of property donation, helping both donors and donees, as the persons receiving the donation, understand their fiscal responsibilities. In most instances donors are exempt from payment of final withholding tax, such as if the donation is made to a spouse, descendant and/or ascendant in direct line and their relative spouses; and to philanthropic institutions. in other instances, certain donations may be partially exempt from duty under specific circumstances, and we ensure the donees, as recipients, are fully aware of these opportunities.

At Sceberras Trigona Notaries & Associates, we recognize the importance and sensitivity of donation transactions.

In the case of monetary donations or movable assets, we ensure that the transfer is documented and executed in accordance with the law. This includes drafting agreements that clearly outline the terms of the donation and securing any necessary approvals or clearances.

Whether you are donating money, movable, or immovable property, our expertise guarantees that your donation is handled with professionalism and legal precision, ensuring that your act of kindness is conducted with the utmost legal care and consideration.