Partition (Diviżjoni)

Partition (Diviżjoni)

Partition, or 'Diviżjoni', in the context of Maltese law, refers to the division of property among co-owners. This process can often be complex, particularly when dealing with shared inheritances or joint ownership scenarios. We provide expert legal assistance to facilitate the equitable and efficient partition of property.

When multiple parties hold an interest in a property, disagreements can arise regarding its use or division. Our role is to mediate and provide a legal framework for a fair partition that respects the rights of all parties involved. We guide our clients through every step, from initial consultation to the final agreement, ensuring that all voices are heard and considered.

Our services in partitioning property involve a comprehensive evaluation of the property in question, including its value and any legal constraints that might affect its division. We work closely with other professionals, such as surveyors or valuers, to ascertain the fairest method of division, whether it be through physical partition of the property or through compensation to one or more parties.

We understand that the partition of property can be a sensitive and challenging process.

In cases where a physical division is not feasible or desirable, we explore alternative solutions such as the sale of the property and equitable distribution of the proceeds among the co-owners. Our notaries are skilled in drafting agreements that reflect these arrangements, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and the interests of all parties are protected. Our commitment is to offer a satisfactory resolution for all parties involved.