Power of Attorney (Prokura)

Power of Attorney (Prokura)

Power of Attorney documents are vital legal instruments that allow an individual, known as the principal, to designate another person, called the agent or attorney-in-fact, to act on their behalf in various matters. We specialize in drafting and formalizing Power of Attorney documents, ensuring they are tailored to meet the specific needs and circumstances of our clients in Malta.

Types of Power of Attorney: There are several types of Power of Attorney documents, each serving different purposes. This includes General Power of Attorney, which grants broad powers to the agent; Specific or Limited Power of Attorney, which is tailored for particular tasks or periods; and Enduring Power of Attorney is a specialised mandate in anticipation of incapacity.

Our approach begins with understanding the principal’s requirements and the extent of authority they wish to grant. We provide expert legal advice on the most suitable type of Power of Attorney for their needs, whether it’s for managing financial affairs or handling property transactions.

We meticulously draft Power of Attorney documents to ensure clarity and legal validity. This includes specifying the powers granted, the duration of the power, and any other conditions set by the principal. Our notarial services ensure that the document meets all legal requirements in Malta, including proper execution and witnessing.

We offer comprehensive guidance on using Power of Attorney documents, including the responsibilities and limitations of the agent. We also advise on the implications of granting such powers, ensuring that principals are fully informed and their interests are safeguarded.

Revocation and Updates

Circumstances can change, and we provide assistance in revoking or updating Power of Attorney documents as required. This ensures that the document always reflects the current wishes and situation of the principal. Of course, with a Specific or Limited Power of Attorney, the mandate expires upon the execution of the action or on a given date. Whereas, with a General Power of Attorney, a formal revocation of such authority must be given.

At Sceberras Trigona Notaries & Associates, we recognize the importance and sensitivity of granting someone else the power to make decisions on your behalf. Our commitment is to provide a service that is not only legally robust but also respectful of the trust and responsibility inherent in such arrangements. Whether you need to establish a new Power of Attorney or update an existing one, our expertise ensures a seamless, secure, and personalized legal service.